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“Kat is an exceptionally talented writer with a sharp eye for detail. Highly professional in her approach, Kat’s balanced work reflects the right amount of emotion to hold a reader’s attention, regardless of the topic. Her content is based on thorough research, yet is still creative. Being a fast learner and by nature inquisitive, Kat is an adaptable, consistently motivated self-starter, who is always respectful of given deadlines. Her ability to see different perspectives allows her to produce a convincing narrative, as she always finds joy in her work and genuinely wants to add value in her delivery. Kat’s 3-year contribution to our ‘Mums in Cyprus’ platform was immense and led to a significant growth in readership, and I warmly recommend her services to anyone looking for a passionate, independent and skilled freelance writer.”

Carine Khoury

Founder and Director

Mums in Cyprus