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Why I write

I believe that good content writing should offer value; it should inform, inspire, and transform its intended audience. Authentic content needs to resonate with its reader. And in doing so, it will start conversations that people will genuinely want to engage in.

We can build a narrative around your brand that people will want to be part of. We can create a world they will want to explore.

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What I write

A large proportion of the work that I undertake for my clients is ghostwritten in the form of website content and articles.

To give you an idea of how I write, take a look at my blog which includes topics of personal interest.

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If you like mobile photography, take a look at the world through my eyes.

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Who I am

I’m a freelance writer specialising in social media, with a passion for writing about women, parenting, food, the environment, health, and travel. Coming from a strong arts and research background I combine my experience in these areas to craft carefully tailored content for my clients.

Unless otherwise attributed, all the images on this site were taken by me.

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I’m Kat, a writer based in Cyprus but working Worldwide. I produce compelling content that helps build authentic narratives around brands.

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